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Being an equestrian can be rather expensive, particularly when you try to purchase a simple item and it has been upcharged two or three times simply because it has a horse label attached to it. While we love our horses as part of the family and we want to purchase every little thing for them, do not forget that there are plenty of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and barn hacks that you can do to save money and make more happen. An owner first needs to make sure that they budget reality and that the horse is always cared for alongside taking care to not put themselves in a situation where they are financially struggling. When you are free of financial stress, you can do way more for your horse in good spirits.

But all horse people are broke!

That is the common joke and stereotype of the horse world but it does not have to be true! First and foremost, make sure that you make a budget in which you spend less than you make per month. RPE endorses the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps in finding financial peace and stability through following his path to becoming debt-free and building wealth. Following his simple steps, you will write out a detailed budget for your expected income and designate all of your bills and expenses. Doing this will take away part of the stress and burden in knowing that you already have money set aside for important categories (such as gas and horse feed). Once all basic categories are covered (including your Debt Attack category), you may look at planning small sinking funds on the side in which you let money grow in an external account that is to be used for that sinking fund target. Sinking funds can be Christmas gifts, horse show expenses, vehicle maintenance, big future anticipated purchases, horse medical bills & supplements, and more. However, try to only create a sinking fund for what you actually need! Once you are out of debt (if you have any as many normal people do - don't try to be normal, it sucks!) and financially stable, you will be amazed at the lifestyle that you can build.

DIY projects not only help save money on plenty of services and products but also provide a certain level of self-satisfaction in solving a problem or creating a product yourself. There are many DIY barn projects and barn hacks that are available online through enough searching and enough creativity. This page is dedicated towards highlighting successful DIY projects and barn hacks that have been extremely useful and cost-effective for RPE.

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