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Horse Trailer Wall

Horse trailers seem to have limited storage options, and I am an organizer and a prepared packer for trips. I absolutely love my two-horse trailer, but I definitely needed more options with the tack room available. In my investigation, gridwall turned out to be the perfect solution for better organization in storage in not only my horse trailer, but even areas in my barn. As for the trailer, when installing gridwall, make sure that all gridwall panels have at least five gridwall brackets (four for the four corners and at least one upside-down to prevent the grids from popping up and off in the event the trailer hits a bump on the road). As for securing the gridwall brackets and panels, you will need rivets and a rivet gun, as well as your standard drill bit to create the holes (assuming your trailer is suitable for this modification - otherwise may need an alternative method for mounting). Once the panels are installed, you can add whatever baskets and shelves you need to help with the organization. I even added a mirror held secured with bungee cords for those instances at horse shows where it simply makes a rider feel better to make sure they're ready to enter the arena. I've also added heavy-duty velcro strips for storing and drying shipping boots as well as regular horse leg training boots and anything else it can be used for. Definitely recommend modifying your trailer to your needs!

I have some more updated tack room photos that I will be adding soon!