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Mocha absolutely loved her new Scoot Boots during our first ride (plus new footing - many moving parts to fit the puzzle)! Mocha has the stereotypical struggling thoroughbred feet that are always being watched for cracks and flares and bruises with her flat and weak feet. We’ve had her for about 15 years and she’s been on many supplements, hoof dressings, and has tried shoes but is best barefoot (which I prefer anyways, which is great). She is currently on SmartPak’s SmartHoof Ultimate Pellets, which has been the only supplement that I’ve noticed actually make a beneficial difference in helping keep her feet together and healthier. She also gets Farrier’s Fix Hoof Oil when needed, which is the only hoof oil I find that makes a difference.

Despite her feet looking the best they have these last two years than I’ve ever seen with the changes above, I’ve been looking at Scoot Boots for a while now from a trail riding perspective for extra protection on the front feet for all of my horses. However, I also deemed that if Mocha likes them then she can ride in them regularly. And she absolutely loved them. She felt like a young horse in a show ring with such confidence and energy it was amazing. I truly look forward to continuing to evaluate her riding in them, both in the arena as well as out in the fields and on trails.

Scoot Boot on Hoof
New Scoot Boots
Mocha in her new Scoot Boots

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