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Alycia Burton Adjustable Neck Ropes

I've been regularly riding bareback for over a decade now and when I came across Alycia Burton, I was ecstatic. Not only did she have a beautiful Paint as I do and am known to do a lot of bareback riding with, but she was (and still is) doing an amazing job in spreading the message that bareback riding is not as dangerous as many people write it off to be, and that there isn't anything that you can't do bareback that you can in saddle (with the noticeable exception of no-stirrup riding, which is definitely a different exercise than riding bareback).

Nonetheless, by the time that I found her, I was looking for adjustable neck ropes for training purposes as the ones that I had were a fixed size that I was not a fan of for many reasons. To my absolute delight, Burton was selling neckropes that were not only simple and professional-looking, but also adjustable for different horse sizes and activities benefitted by different lengths. Now, I have 3 black neck ropes, as well as a white and blue one from Alycia Burton (and if she makes a red or purple one, I will be purchasing them in a heartbeat... I may buy and stain two white ones to achieve the same goal...). These are awesome riding tools, from specifically working on neck rope riding to just having the added support for a rider's confidence as well as deliberatly using it as a tool for a rider to use in better learning how to ride effectively. It also makes a fantastic 'Oh Crap' Strap. Just don't let it fall to the horse's ears when you're not paying attention when a horse reaches down for a scratch as you don't want a leg going through a rope loop, as that would be bad. I've not had this issue but I am also always aware that it could become a problem while riding with one.

Black Alycia Burton Neck Rope
Black Alycia Burton Neck Rope
White Alycia Burton Neck Rope

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