Arena Equipment Storage

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Arena Storage Bench - Convenient & Efficient

Definitely one of my favorites for storing that smaller arena equipment ring-side so that a rider or coach can easily grab some jump cups or some cones or the measuring tape quickly and without hassle. Plus, it serves as an excellent bench that can be left outdoors without any worry. I already want another one!

Moveable Jump Pole Storage Rack

For jump pole storage, RPE has made use of a west horizontal lumber storage rack that is placed on a DIY caster base to be easily moved. I originally got stem casters which works great since it already has holes except that when I completely loaded up the pole rack, the two bases weren't connected for the support needed for outdoor rolling. I ended up bending the base a little as you can see in the close-up picture. Continuing to work the problem, I invested in plywood to connect the two bases as one and heavy duty 6" plate swivel casters that have been working great! I attempted to simply put my stem casters in the plywood as you can see it's a little torn up in the picture, but I'll find another use for them in the future. I also had already cut the plywood to 5'x3' as was the size of the lumber storage rack. I could've gone bigger, especially for the plate casters, but since I've gotten the materials that I have to work, I'll hold off on replacing the plywood unless needed.

Storage Bench
Securing a base on Horizontal Storage Rack
Final DIY Pole Storage Rack

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