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The 37 in. Husky Utility Cart has been a barn favorite for tack and feed trunks that comes with two keys, wheels attached, and a grooming / tool caddy all included for the cost-effective price of $50 at Home Depot (actually bought my third one on sale for $40!). But if you would rather get your tack trunk sold with or without wheels for over twice that much, you do you. I also customized each tack trunk for each mare by using some simple paint tape to make a large letter stencil and spray painted each letter with multiple layers.

Do note that this project was completed pre-COVID where inflation and shortages were not a factor. I have heard that these Husky trunks are now difficult to find and on average $100 purchased in-store. The price will come back down but there is no telling on when that timeline will take place (whether that's one year or five years out). Also note that there are plenty of alternative utility trunks in the same category as the Husky trunk, including The DEWALT, Stanley, and CRAFTSMAN trunks. I do recommend purchasing any of these trunks in-person, one so that you can verify you are purchasing a reasonably-sized trunk for your needs, and two as even when listed online these trunk prices are escalated to include shipping costs. It is definitely worth the trip to purchase these trunks in the store. And even with the shortages and inflated prices in these COVID times, these trunks are still a much better deal than any of the equestrian trunks that I see on the market (again, usually sold without wheels). Just an update for you!


Note that the Husky trunks have been selling for closer to $100 since the COVID global-supply shortage crisis. However, they are still solid trunks and still cheaper than the other equestrian tack trunks that have also gone up in price. I also did purchase a DEWALT utility trunk when the HUSKY trunks were out of stock and it has also been serving great as my makeshift equine therapy trunk storing my Equilibrium massage pads and stability discs.

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