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I wanted to get my saddles being stored horizontally rather than vertically in their trunks while at the barn, and decided to create my own saddle locker with a vertical cabinet and some wall saddle mounts. Reinforced with some pieces of plywood to stabilize and support the metal wall saddle racks, my saddle locker is perfect! I also added some cheap pillows and colored pillow cases to help protect the saddles sitting on the metal bars, as well as to help identify each saddle before removing the saddle cover. I continue to keep all other tack in the tack trunks and bridle bags, and the tack trunks are also used while horses are off-site as the primary storage option for tack. I also keep white boards on the outside of the locker doors to help with general communication about what is going on at the barn.

New Saddle Locker!
New Saddle Locker!
Saddle Locker Organization White Boards

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