Winter Must-Haves

Barn Hacks
Cost-Efficient & Simple Metal Bit Warmer for Winter - Heating Pads

Not sure why it took this long for this hack to come to light, but RPE uses a simple heating pad during cold weather to warm up the metal bits of the horse's bridles so that they're ready to ride. I typically wrap the bit around with the heating pad, and sometimes keep the heating pad inside of a blanket or horse cooler to really keep the heat inside. Just make sure to check the bit with your hands before putting it in your horses mouth to make sure it's not too hot! The heating pad also helps warm back up our riders' hands if they need a few minutes to regain feeling in their frozen fingers!

Heated Winter Jacket

There is one thing that I refuse to survive winters without and that is my Milwaukee Heated Jacket! I have extra batteries and with both the jacket and the pockets heated, it makes me not dread winter as much as I did growing up with the horses. My heated jacket is my life for all things barn, horse, and riding during the winter.

Hand Warmers

If you don't regularly stock up on hand warmers, are you even a horse person? Hand warmers are life and I purchase bulk packages every winter and keep a regular stock in my barn for myself and for my helpers and riders. Stick those in your gloves and pockets where they can breate and turn up the heat. The same methodology works for heating your feet, although make sure that the handwarmers are placed on the side of your ankle vein (I prefer the outside one) and not shoved underneath or on top of your toe. If the handwarmer can't breathe, it won't stay warm for long. If you put the handwarmer tucked away in a crew sock or sit it nicely in there on the side of your ankle, you're feet are taken care of for many hours, leisure or horse showing. You're welcome!

I'm also in love with the Karecel rechargeable hand warmers as well!

Heating Pad Bit Warmer
Heated Jackets
Rechareable Handwarmers

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